Electrical Wiring Diagnostics

Diagnostic services

Wiring diagnostics – the starting point for any electrical work.

Analysis of the state and configuration of the electrical network in the room makes it possible to optimize it and extend the service life of the wiring by 2-5 times.

As practice shows, for example, in the summer season, electrical wiring in the country or in a country house does not show signs of malfunction, but when the autumn-winter period begins, when powerful electrical appliances are connected – boilers, heaters, etc., troubles begin to arise with electricity, which could be prevented by diagnosing the wiring, electrical equipment and electrics in general. Diagnostics of electrics and electrical wiring is carried out by qualified specialists of our company, using modern measuring equipment and instruments for monitoring and diagnosing the operation of the electrical network in residential and non-residential premises.


Why to check the wiring

Diagnostics of the wiring is a mandatory measure for any electrical network. Analysis and testing of the electrical wiring of a house, apartment or non-residential building is a complex multi-stage process. Untimely diagnostics of wiring and electrics in the future leads to problems such as a sudden power outage, fire, and, as a result, damage to the wiring.

Reasons for which there are doubts about the correct operation of electricians and electrical equipment can be the overheating of the electrical wiring, doubts about the readings of the electric meter, unreasonable operation of circuit breakers and RCDs, flickering of light in the room, burning of wires in the electrical panel and as well as a number of others.

The procedure for diagnosing wiring consists of the following steps:

  • checking the resistance of the wiring;
  • checking the state of the wiring;
  • testing of protective electrical devices (RCDs, automatic devices, etc.);
  • checking the insulation of electrical wiring in open nodes, areas, in boards, power cabinets and junction boxes;
  • determination of permissible parameters for the full load of the network;
  • check and test of electrical wiring for maximum load;
  • identification of areas that require electrical restoration.

Without diagnostics, it is impossible to build and run a functional and safe electrical network.

Replacement of electrical circuit breakers

When to check the wiring

The frequency of checking the wiring depends on its service life and on the work plan in the room in which the electrical network is located.

 We advise you to call diagnostics services at the slightest sign of malfunctioning, in order to avoid more serious electrical problems in the future.

Wiring diagnostics are carried out using special equipment. Only a professional electrician can diagnose the wiring with the technology of modern wiring check.

Call the electrician of our company at home and get the services with a 100% guarantee of functionality and safety.

Diagnostics of earthing involves a number of measurements that allow you to find the damaged place or loose contacts, in order to eliminate the malfunction.

Diagnostics of transformers will allow timely identify any malfunctions, contamination and damage and, accordingly, will help prevent equipment failure. Diagnostics of power transformers is doubly important, because the uninterrupted operation of this technique ensures the supply of current to all other areas in the power system. Diagnostics of power transformers is carried out only by professionally trained specialists using special equipment.

Diagnostics of electrical equipment, as well as testing of cable insulation, allows you to identify vulnerabilities in the power grid of any scale. At any industrial facility, such places are necessary to be found. So, for example, diagnostics carried out by specialists using special equipment will even detect a cable that is laid deep underground or in a wall. Moreover, this does not require digging or destroying walls at all.

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