Repair of electrics in an apartment should always be entrusted to professionals. Only in this case, you can be sure that during the operation of the electrical network, a short circuit will not occur, and you will not receive an electric shock. There are general and current repairs. Current refers to the repair of minor malfunctions, replacement of sockets and switches, laying of new circuits. General- implies a complete replacement of electrical wiring and is carried out during major repairs in an apartment.

General repair is recommended to be carried out every 20-25 years. This is the warranty period for modern electrical wiring. During this time, changes occur in the wires located in the walls, reducing their reliability. The insulation becomes brittle and begins to crumble, increasing the risk of short circuits. From constant exposure to voltage, the structure of the metal in the conductors changes, it can become thinner and burn out under high load. This is especially true for aluminum wiring, which was used everywhere in the past.

If you moved into an apartment with old electrical wiring, it must be replaced. Otherwise, you will not be able to fully enjoy the benefits of civilization. We do not recommend you to carry out even minor repairs yourself. Malfunctions can be the result of fire and electrical injury. But if you contact our company, then specialists will do the job quickly and efficiently with all the necessary electrical safety tools.


For more than 10 years we have been professionally repairing apartments. Electrics, heating are the main areas of our competence. If you need an electrician to repair your apartment, the easiest way is to contact us. Carrying out repairs for a competent electrician usually does not cause difficulties. We keep statistics of faults that we are called to fix. In 90% of cases, the causes of these failures are as follows:

  1. Burnout of contacts when the permissible load is exceeded due to the lack of automatic fuses.

The automatic machines must always be installed. Their rating must correspond to the load for which the current-carrying wire is designed. The load is greater – the fuse breaks the circuit. There is no fuse – the wire will burn out in the point of greatest resistance. If this happens inside the wall, then you will either have to take out the old wire and put a new one in its place, or disconnect the old circuit and make a new one outside.

  1. While drilling the wall, the wiring was accidentally cut.

To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to store a diagram of the apartment electrical network, which indicates how and at what distance the wires pass through the walls from the floor and ceiling.

  1. Loose contacts in the junction box.

More often happens if the wire is aluminum. It has a higher toughness than copper, so the clamps weaken over time. If you have such a situation, then consult with an electrician how often you need to call him to check the contacts. Even better, if you change the wiring to copper, in this case, the twist can be soldered for more reliability.

  1. Loss of contact at the point of direct connection of the aluminum and copper wires.

You cannot twist them directly. Electrochemical corrosion will quickly weaken the contact. It is better to replace the aluminum core with copper, but if it is not possible, then it should be connected through special pads.

  1. Failure of a part of the electrical network during the flooding of the apartment.

Water is an excellent conductor. If sockets, junction boxes, switches are flooded, then it is dangerous to use electricity in such an apartment. It is urgent to call an electrician who will advise on how to dry the wiring, and then check the reliability of the operation of all electric points.

In the case of major repairs, when it is planned to replace the entire wiring, it is better to start with a project. Draw a plan of the apartment, make a diagram of the location of furniture and all electrical consumers, indicating their power. Based on these data, the designer will calculate the required thickness of the wires, determine the optimal locations for sockets, switches, junction boxes. It will indicate how many circuits you need, and which fuses to install.

If you need to repair electrics in an apartment, then you just need to contact our company, an electrician with all the necessary tools will come upon request. In the case of a minor malfunction, the problem can be solved in your place. If long-term repairs are required, then our specialist will evaluate the scope of work, determine the cost, after that you will sign a contract. We work quickly and efficiently.

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