How to choose the right switches and sockets?

Sockets and switches are essential companions for using the amenities that electricity provides. They are completely indifferent shapes, purposes and configurations. Each return home begins with the flick of a switch, then a stream of electrons runs along the wires, and light appears in the lamp. From the moment that electricity came to homes, there was a need to control and regulate all the processes that are associated with it in everyday life. These issues are successfully solved by electrical accessories (electrical installation) – sockets, switches, dimers, thermostats. Today we will look at a few rules that should be followed so that, when you come to the store, you know exactly how to choose switches and sockets.

Electrical installation

Wiring can be internal or external. The choice of this or that type of installation is determined not only by the preferences of the customer, but also by the technical ability to lay hidden or external wiring.

Number and type of devices

 When designing a house, one should take into account the number of electrical appliances that will be connected to the network, as well as a possible increase in their number, the option of arranging furniture. Therefore, it is recommended to place sockets in the room in such a way as to minimize the number of unnecessary extension cords. For the same purpose, it is necessary to foresee in advance the laying of cables and the installation of communication sockets for TV, the Internet and a landline telephone.

Regular sockets are rated for a maximum load of 16 Amps. For more powerful appliances, such as an electric stove, or a flow-boiler, you should choose a socket with reinforced contacts that can withstand a higher current (32 A is enough). Most of the sockets have flat-spring connectors that lose their properties after a certain number of switching on and off. Sockets with a reinforced clip will last longer, as the thicker and more springy metal allows you to reliably fix the contact throughout the entire service life.

Modern manufacturers of electrical installations take into account the increased number of electrical appliances; therefore, it is possible to assemble several switches or sockets in one block, which are combined with a special frame.

It is also worth paying attention to the presence of a grounding contact at the outlets. If we are talking about a new building, or a house in which the electrical wiring has recently been replaced, then, most likely, a three-wire power supply system has been used there. In this case, it is recommended to buy sockets only with a grounding contact.

Design preference and price

The modern design of sockets and switches is so wide and varied that it becomes more and more difficult to choose. The electrical accessories of the cheap price segment are made of white plastic. The middle price segment is also made of plastic, but there is a wide variety of colors: white, cream, wood colors, blue, metallic, etc. Installations of expensive brands can be made of glass, ceramics, leather, coated with 24-carat gold. Price should still be the last determining factor when choosing sockets and switches for your home. After all, they ensure the safety of the home from the ignition of electrical appliances, as well as the convenience of operation.

There are a huge number of electrical installation devices in the world; sensor switches, sockets on the control panel, dimmers, etc. All of them are capable to make the house of a modern person “smarter” and more comfortable. A competent approach to the choice of electrical accessories will not only save time and money, but will also bring great pleasure in the process of use. Now, when you go to a specialized electrician store, you will know exactly how to choose sockets for your home, and which switches are best to choose.

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