Replacement of sockets and switches

Replacing sockets and switches is one of the most frequent electrical installation works. Constantly used electrical outputs and lighting controls fail under heavy load, wear out, become unsafe. Despite the apparent simplicity, dismantling a switch for light, household appliances or replacing a socket in an apartment are operations that require skill, electrical safety tolerances, and the ability to take into account all technological moments. Turning to a master electrician, the owners of an apartment, house or non-residential premises provide protection – for themselves and their property.

Replacements of sockets and switches must be done if:

  • the connection point is faulty – sparks appeared, traces of melting on the case, the socket falls out of the wall, loosened;
  • electrical equipment is physically worn out or obsolete – does not meet the increased needs, load, interior design;
  • the number of electrical appliances has increased, etc.

Replacing sockets without special tools, experience, skill can lead to electric shock, short circuit and even fire. By contacting Fresno Electrical Works company, you will receive professional assistance and guarantees for all dismantling and installation of electrical equipment.

Electrical Repair & Installation

Replacement of electrical circuit breakers, RCDs

RCD and electrical circuit breakers are required to be installed in every apartment and house electrical panel. With them, safety is maintained when using electrical appliances. RCDs and modern machines react to network overloads by turning off the power in emergency situations. When the devices operate, it is not enough to “turn the lever” on the boards. It is necessary to understand why the electrical installations have gone out of the usual mode and, if required, replace the RCD. Fresno Electrical Works Company will take the work that requires qualifications, skills and special admission.

The services of our company are installation and replacement of RCDs in residential and non-residential buildings. Its relevance is due to the average service life of the panel circuit breakers. It does not exceed ten years, after which a replacement is needed. However, in most homes, they have not changed since the first installation, presenting a considerable danger in emergency situations. In an emergency with electrical wiring, they simply do not work, leading to a fire or a worse situation.

Electricians of our company will warn about the danger and install new, reliable devices. Among the works that we carry out:

  • installation of circuit breakers, their planned and unscheduled replacement;
  • reconstruction of electrical panels – replacement of plugs with automatic machines;
  • replacement of electricity meters and wiring;
  • installation of an RCD to prevent electric shock;
  • installation of electrical panels, meters and other devices.

Our masters will perform all stages, strictly observing the sequence, installation and safety technologies. They:

  • examine the situation to determine the type and cost of the required devices;
  • de-energize devices, check the absence of voltage;
  • install automatic switches – attach to the DIN-rail, taking into account the connection principle, supply power;
  • grouping the wires after installation and marking them with a line affiliation;
  • will test the RCD and the system for operability and give recommendations for its operation after installation.
Electric meter installation

Wire replacement

Replacing the wiring is one of the most important steps in the complex renovation of an apartment. Without competently performed electrical work, it is impossible to imagine the stable operation of expensive and large consumers of electricity, such as a washing machine, oven, dishwasher, and just the entire electrics in the apartment. This is especially true for old houses with aluminum wiring, which in modern realities, most often simply cannot cope with the load and becomes the cause of a fire. For this reason, we do not recommend saving on this service, as they say, it is better to do once than constantly redo.

Replacement of electrical wiring in the apartment – work stages:

  1. Drawing up an electrical project for an apartment with a layout of all wires, sockets, switches, lamps and automatic devices, if necessary. It also determined the maximum power consumption of the network and the method of wiring installation. At this stage, the cost of work and the price of materials are  calculated.
  2. Disconnecting the apartment from an external source.
  3. Dismantling of old wiring. In each room of the apartment, all wires are disconnected in junction boxes and then dismantled. In case of impossibility of complete dismantling, it is necessary to insulate the wire and leave it in the wall.
  4. Prepare walls for new wiring, sockets and switches, and junction boxes. It is advisable to lead a separate wire to each room from the electrical panel and distribute the wires in the room from the junction box.
  5. Direct installation of power lines in the apartment, connecting all electrical points, installing automatic machines.
  6. Connecting the apartment to an external power supply.

At each stage, the services of an electrician are required for the complex electrical installation to be carried out correctly.

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